Current Specials

Carpet Cleaning  x 3 Rooms + Internal Pest Control $170
Carpet Cleaning  x 4 Rooms + Internal Pest Control $180
Carpet Cleaning  x 5 Rooms + Internal Pest Control $190


Carpet Cleaning

Minimum Charge $90
3 x Rooms $90
4 x Rooms $100
5 x Rooms $115
6 x Rooms $130
7 x Rooms $145
Stairs $25
Large Rugs $40

(Each additional room charged at $15 per Room).



Walk in Robes included Free of charge.

Deodorizing included Free of charge.

Stain removal (small)  included Free of Charge. (We always try to remove a stain, however can’t guarantee that it will come out).

Small hallways and landings included Free of charge.

Stain Removal advice chart included Free of Charge.

Lounge / Diner classed as 2x Rooms

Price based on average sized rooms and average soilage. Additional fees will apply for larger rooms and heavily soiled carpets.

Pest Control

Internal Pest Control:-  A preventative action. All entrance areas and skirting boards are sprayed with a residual pesticide, ensuring that if any unwanted insect pest walks across the invisible barrier created, then they won’t be around much longer.



External Pest Control: – A preventative action. All external doorways, and window sides are sprayed, along with all building brickwork / Render at ground level and the eaves where accessible are sprayed to create the invisible barrier that will kill any unwanted insect pests and prevent an unwanted intrusion.



Internal & External Combo:- Get the internal and external area of your home protected and benefit from not only a reduced price, but also a free chemical dusting of the roof void, or sub floor (Suitable access required). Peace of mind means you can sleep safe at night knowing that you don’t have unwanted insects running around your home.




Specialist treatment is also available.  When combined with a treatment (to the left), we will treat and remove the following :-



Bed Bugs

Silver fish




Other Services

Upholstery Cleaning :

Evolution Upholstery Cleaning specializes in many facets of upholstery cleaning – everything from mattresses, beautiful leather upholstery cleaning and microfibre Lounge Suite cleaning. Even the upholstered furniture in your outdoor entertaining area.

5 Seat Leather Lounge Suite $220
5 Seat Fabric Lounge Suite $200
Outside seating from $50
Dining Chairs (each) $15
Mattresses Single $30
Mattresses Double $50

We have built a loyal customer base by treating them and their belongings respectfully, and we’ve worked hard to make sure we get the job done better than anyone else can. If you are looking for a professional service then call today and book your appointment. You won’t be disappointed.

Payment Methods

Currently Accept:

Cash, Direct Deposit (Processed prior to appointment) and Eftpos ($2 Surcharge applies)