Carpet Cleaning

There are various carpet cleaning systems in use in the Carpet Cleaning Industry:  Dry Cleaning, Low Moisture, The Very Low Moisture Cleaning and the Hot Water Extraction – (Steam Cleaning). Evolution use Hot Water Extraction – (Steam Cleaning) This is the best cleaning process for cleaning residential carpets.

Our newest high powered machine, The Razorback MkII Creed 700 will do an amazing job of directing pressurized hot water with cleaning solution deep down into the fibers of the carpet. The same machine then rinses and extracts the water and dirt from the carpet. There is no better way to deep clean a residential carpet.


  • We start the job with the aim of restoring the carpet as close as possible to its “As new Condition”. Whether that be in the form of just a refresh, or a required clean for a Bond return. We aim to remove any dirt and stains and use the latest in safe chemical cleaning solutions and spotters. These cleaning solutions are specially designed to work on oil loving Wool and Synthetic carpets and fabrics. They have a Self-neutralizing formula with fast evaporating solvents that prevent re-soiling and they do not contain optical brighteners or toxic solvents.

Once the carpet is clean we apply a fresh smelling deodorizer, all inclusive in the price.