How does the Cleaning process work?

  1. Inspection and analysis. We will have a walkthrough to view all the carpets. We will identify the type of carpet fibres present. We will take note of any problem areas and stains, and we will ask for your input on what may have caused the stains. (It’s much easier to remove if we can determine the nature of the stain). It may be a food or drink spill, or it may be related to your family pets. (Some pet stains/odours may require additional treatments to remove).
  2. Pre-Spray -Shampoo application – We can now begin the detergent pre-spray (Shampoo). We use Hydro-Force inline sprayers to make sure we have a consistent application of detergent (shampoo) over the carpet. The detergent breaks down any oils and dirt within the carpet. This helps with the next process,
  3. Rotary Scrub (Agitation). Only used on really dirty carpets.
  4. Clean and extract – We will now begin the rinse and extraction process. Our machines (Razorback Bilbao) are supplied by Carpet Cleaners Warehouse in Brisbane. We have been using machines supplied by these guys for the past 7 years and find them extremely reliable. These machines will inject extremely hot water on demand directly into the carpet. As we pass the cleaning wand over the wet carpet all the dirt and grime are extracted by the machines powerful vac motors. As we come across any stains, if they are not removed with the standard detergent and cleaning process, then we will always attempt to remove the stain with specially formulated spotters. These spotters are designed especially for specific types of stains and materials. We will attempt stain removal to the point of a total removal or to the point where we determine that it can’t be removed. (We will always attempt to remove stains, and in most cases successfully, however on the odd occasion, it has become a permanent fixture in the carpet and simply won’t come out). On completion of this process the carpets will be slightly damp and on average will take 3 – 5 hours to dry (woollen carpets will take longer to dry)
  5. Deodorize – Once the carpet has been cleaned, we will spray a deodorant across the carpet service. This leaves a fresh clean fragrance that will help the carpets smell as good as they will now look.