Upholstery Cleaning

It’s not just your carpets that need regular cleaning – our specialised cleaning process can be applied to your upholstery – Fabric or Leather. We are the chosen company for insurance companies covering this area of south-east Qld.

Leather and lounge suite cleaning.

A leather lounge should be cleaned and protected using the correct products. If not treated with care, leather can dry and crack. This will make the lounge suite unsightly, and uncomfortable. At Evolution, we can clean the leather, condition and protect the leather.

We use dedicated leather shampoos, leather conditioners, and protectors. A horsehair brush is used to agitate the shampoo into the grain of the leather. This releases the grime that has accumulated.

We use a conditioner to soften and moisturise the leather. It’s skin after all, and just like our own skin, it needs care and attention.

The protector we use will help aid durability. It will help prevent dirt and grime build up as well as repelling stains. It is also a UV barrier so will help regarding the prevention of sun damage.

We recommend cleaning your leather lounge every 12 months.

Fabric Lounge Suite / Dining chair cleaning.

A fabric lounge suite can be cleaned using the Hot water extraction method (Steam Clean). A very similar process to the cleaning of carpets, but with a small hand tool, and a lower water pressure setting on the machine.

Dedicate shampoos are applied to the fabric surface and allowed to penetrate the material. We then perform an agitation process to help loosen all dirt and grime. The rinse and extract process is next, taking away dirt and bacteria build-up. Finally, a deodoriser is applied, leaving the lounge smelling and looking great again.

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